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1-   neuroscience story
What do dolphins and sleep walking have in common?
Do ultra marathoners sleep while they run ?
Join us for the podcast neuroscience introduction.

2- More lectures available  on 13 hours of courses there !  Go there and look up our lectures

3- OFF TOPIC Discussion:
Hi gents ! What is with the wide tripod abducted legs in obese folks >?
So many of them supinate and have a wide tripod…….
thanks alot
Julio C, in Sao Palo Brazil !

4- Off Topic:   Sole lifts or heel lifts ? Which should you use and why ? And When ?
5- EMAIL Question:
I saw your blog and one of your youtube videos and thought I would mail in a gait question! I appreciate any input or information you have about this. I was wondering about people that walk with their foot in the abducted position - why is this and what are the implications for such a gait? I know some people with flat feet have that tendency but I don’t have that and walk at baseline with my foot abducted. I took note of this since I’ve developed some hip pain recently and noticed that when I make a conscious effort to walk with my feet straight it actually feels abnormal (more comfortable and natural with the feet abducted). Why is this? Any input into this puzzle would be appreciated. 
Thanks much!  -Sheeva

Guys, love you, love your show
you guys need to do a stand up routine at a club……..maybe host Saturday Night Live !  Maybe pair  you up with Justin Timberlake !
Anyhow…….enough ego stroking…….
What is your take on the biomechanical implications of a short quadriceps muscle in gait ?

7- Pedographs or software ???? what is our take ?

Hi Fellas
Can you talk a bit more about the proprisensory system in gait ?
You talked about it several blog posts but i would love to hear you expand upon it. 

 Is it true that walking in flip flops is bad for you?  I’ve heard a lot of “experts” say it will cause your arches to fall.  Thanks! - Norma