Arm swing during gait. An energetic cost of locomotion?

"Arm swing during gait has an important role in decreasing energetic cost of locomotion. Several pathologies
may lead to various abnormalities in arm movements during
walking. It may therefore be expected that pathological gait is
energetically more demanding, not only because of the pathology, but also because of affected arm movements."- Meyns et all.

The Gait Guys ponder:
Can forcing what we think is a "better" arm swing pattern in turn be considered generating locomotor pathology? After all, we very well may be forcing a change to that which we see, a visual which we do not like, which was already a fundamental compensation around another locomotor deficit. ???

The how and why of arm swing during human walking
Pieter Meyns a,1, Sjoerd M. Bruijn a,b,1, Jacques Duysens a,c
Gait & Posture 38 (2013) 555–562