Podcast 51: Bouncy Gait, Stem Cells & Plantar fasciitis,

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1. Stem cells and plantar fasciitis.
2. Study finds axon regeneration after Schwann cell graft to injured spinal cord
3.Future Tiny Robots Will Communicate Using Only Molecules
a. I was listening to pod 49, great job. I am sending a personal message to point out an error regarding body composition. Under water weighing is considered the 2 compartment “Gold Standard” however caliper testing is used more due to cost and ability to be used in the field. Loved the learning stuff I sent some stuff similar to what you were talking about to the school administration but it went no where.
Thanks guys, Mark
b. Mark wrote: “I can see widening base of support to increase stability when one is weak but to widen base of support when one has decreased traction may increase slipping depending on width of stance couldn’t it. If decreased traction is a issue wouldn’t a better statagy”
Blog reader:
Not very infrequently the foot tripod has been discussed. Especially the importance of the medial tripod (MT) has been of great benefit to me. Some kind of a peroneus paralysis was probably the cause of weak MT of the right foot. With a weak anterior muscle group or compartment. But what about the lateral tripod, ie the 5th distal end of the fifth metatarsal. Which muscles are most responsible for the foot stability here and what kind of exercises might be of therapeutic value? Thank you.

Gait Guys online /download store (National Shoe Fit Certification and more !) :


Dear Gait Guys,                                
I’ve had a problem for a while where my lower left leg whips across the midline of my body at the start of the swing phase. This happens immediately after my left foot leaves the ground and before my right foot makes contact. My left knee seems to be angled outward, and I think this is due to some sort of external rotation of the hip or femur during the the early part of my swing phase. I attached a picture to illustrate this problem in my gait. I recently came across a blog post you guys wrote (http://thegaitguys.tumblr.com/post/14262793786/gait-problem-the-solitary-externally-rotated) and under the possibilities as to why there isn’t enough internal rotation, the second option describes exactly what happens when I run. So my question is, what can be done to correct this improper gait pattern? Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.
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