Podcast 32: "Shorts"- Stress Fracture Buddies

Today we have a 4 minute short clinical story on a case we saw in the recent weeks. We have searched the medical literature and have not found a study on what we attempted, but we hope that one of our listeners will have found one or had similar experiences and be willing to share their story or a client’s story.

This is a story of a high school middle distance runner who cut her toe, and ended up developing a stress fracture in her metatarsal.  And … . what we attempted to offer immediate change, some theories as to how it worked and how we saved her season (we hope).

Enjoy our short story. 

Imagine, think, ponder, explore and experiment.  Sometimes, you might be surprised what you can come up with, even when it is as simple as something as reaching for a roll of tape.

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