Wool socks ?

Blisters, wet feet, smell, skin maceration, who needs that. 
Here at The Gait Guys, we swear by wool socks. We wear them everyday, every season, and even in our running and hiking or athletic shoes. Cotton and synthetics are not in our life, and this is a personal choice. Ivo likes the Darn Tough brand, so do I, but I also love the REI thinner black dress socks for every day wear. I could wear a single pair all week if i wanted, and admittedly often do, without any smell. Yes, you read that right, no odor.  That is the genius of wool. But, there are other benefits as well.
Wool is also king for moving moisture, the fatty acids in the wool fibers eat up the bacteria and microbes that can possibly cause infection. 

Darn Tough ran a test where they soaked their socks in a bacteria that hikers might encounter on the trail; within an hour, 50 to 80 percent of the bacteria ws gone. 

Wool is also great in all temperatures. They insulate when its cold and assist in evaporation when warm. Plus, these things are durable, it is why we love them, and hence the name, Darn Tough Socks. The will get you through a 1000 mile hike, as long as you have shoes on over them :)