A brief note on internal hip rotation from a cyclists perspective.

Today is Stage 14 in the Tour De France. We are big fans and we treat tons of Triathletes. So, it seemed perfect to do a little bike fit and mechanics today.

On the subject of cyclists, we have noted many have these 3 anatomical traits: femoral retoversion (see recent blog posts this week), tibial varum, forefoot varus. If you look at these closely, they all tend to supinate the foot foot more and make it a better lever. These folks are way better cyclists than runners.

With a FF varus, they often compensate on the down stroke to make the foot flat on the pedal (to use the 1st MTP); if they are retroverted, they have limited hip internal rotation to begin with and now you are asking them to internally rotate more, which leads to hip pain and at times, labral injuries.

Look at the attached clip, R leg; note how it comes closer to the center bar and the position of the knee; also look at the forefoot.

Yup…The Gait Guys…We do bikes too!