Podcast 52: Limb Dominance & Other Cool Stuff

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1. The Potential Downside of Wearable Biomechanical Monitoring Devices for Running


2. Google’s Next Crazy Project: Smart Contact Lenses | Entrepreneur.com
3. How Humans Burn Fewer Calories Than Other Mammals
4. Update: I was listening to your podcast and you said Ice Bug was out of business. I sell them in my store in Fairbanks Alaska where we have snow and ice on the ground for 6-7 months a year. The US distributor is Ice Bug USA. I also carry a the Salomon Snow Cross studded shoe.
The effects of limb dominance and fatigue on running biomechanics
5. Email case:
Dear Gaitguys,
   I have been on a search since October to determine the cause of my chronic tendonitis in my knees and right hip. Through my search I was told that my femurs are rotated internally and my tibia are externally rotated. This is causing my patella to face inward.
  I was told by one PT that I will never be able to run long distances without developing tendonitis. I want to believe he is wrong because I love running. I came across something called Femoral Anterior Glide in my research and was wondering if you guys believe this is a real condition. Also is there a way a person can know if they have this problem?
Thank you for all of your great posts!
6. Blog reader:

My 11 year old son walks with a very noticeable external tibial torsion. We just recently noticed this and I came upon your site while trying to research it. I also read that many time it has to do with a problem with the patella. Both my husband and daughter have had patella problems but do not have the duck walk like my son. I did ask a a pediatric sports medicine specialist about the problem and he said some kids just walk that way. Where should I bring my son for help with this?

7. Blog reader asks:

About a year ago there was an article posted called: “A case of the non-resolving ankle sprain. Things to think about when the ankle and foot just do not fully come around after a sprain”. I am 15 weeks into an identical problem and I was wondering if there was any way you guys could follow up with “MR” to see if he was ever able to resolve his issue. It is such a unique and frustrating case (being able to walk but not run) and I haven’t found any other instance of it until now. Thank you.

8. Shoe Fit Certification program
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9. Second metatarsal osteotomies for metatarsalgia: A robotic cadaveric study of the effect of osteotomy plane and metatarsal shortening on plantar pressure - Trask - 2013 - Journal of Orthopaedic Research - Wiley Online Library