Heckert PR's with 2:38 at Chicago. Heckert, Njeim and Schneider Oly qualify.

It was a great Chicago marathon this year. I worked with some amazing athletes this year and I am so very excited for them, they did amazing ! So amazing in fact that 3 of them were the top Illinois finishers, and all Olympic qualified ! 
Congratulations to some fine runners, this one, someone who has become a good friend, Kristen Leigh (Kristen Heckert) was the top Illinois finisher and again, PR'd ! 2:38 ! and her husband and coach Michael Lucchesi , a long time friend and one of the best coaches i know was instrumental (he had 10 athletes run this year, helped them to 7 PRs and 3 under olympic trial standard, the 3 top ladies). Kristen, how can someone run that fast ? She finished 27th at the Olympic trials last round, shocking many who had underestimated her. I am excited for you Kristen, for the next round. Huge shout out to Chirine and Alyssa as well ! Congrats ! 1, 2, 3 ! And of course, to all the others I was able to help along the way, too many to mention here, I followed you all, and I am sending my sincere congratulations ! -Dr. Allen

Kristen Heckert 2:38 PR (Top finisher in Illinois)
Chirine Njeim 2:39 PR (2nd IL)
Alyssa Schneider 2:42 PR/Debut (3rd IL)