Doing video gait analysis ? Really? Are you ?

Thought for the day. Are you doing video gait analysis ?
How do you justify that the data you are getting is almost purely based on your client’s “reactive postural and movement adjustments” to their compensation patterns ? Much of the research driven data today is also mensuration on just this reactionary data. This data is not what is wrong with your client, it merely represents their strategies to react and subsequently anticipate the next motor strategy. This all goes back to one of our favorite sayings, “what you see is someone’s gait is not their problem, it is their strategy around (or to cope) with the problem(s)”. One best not recommend exercises and therapy based on what you “see” in your client. They should be based on what your clinical evaluation can determine.
If your solution for your client with the turned out foot is to tell them to start turning the foot in, you are asking them to consciously add a compensation strategy to their unconscious compensation strategy. You are getting even further away from their solution.