A brief gait review from a youtube clip we found:

at :03 notice the shrugged shoulders and trapezius activation, forcing respirations to the upper lung fields. This also facilitates the scalene muscles in the neck (which is probably one of the reasons they flex their neck). Breathing from here is shallow and inefficient. This action (shrugging the shoulders) activates the upper trap and deactivates the lats (which are the functional link between the upper and lower extremities)

at 05: they begin to flex the lumbar spine

at :06 they flex at the waist as well as the neck. This rounds the spine and puts the glutes at a mechanical disadvantage for extending the hips and limiting some of the driving power. They then become hamstring dependent, which isn’t as efficient. Dropping the head defacilitates the extensor muscles neurologically, so they will have some power loss (as well as stiffness loss) as well. They keep their neck flexed till :07, where they really begin to pick up more speed. The torso remains flexed at the waist through most of the footage.

it appears at :07 that the left foot strikes the ground in eversion bottom of foot pointing away from camera) indicating some degree of forefoot pronation. A shot from behind would be helpful to confirm this

The arm swing appears asymmetrical from left to right, right being greater both forward and especially backward. I would wonder what they are hiding (biomechanically) there (so are they increased on the right or less on the left?. Here is where foot age from behind would be instructional).

Ok folks. Hope you enjoyed the ride!

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