To orthotic or not to orthotic, that is the question

A concerned mother of this 3 year old boy came in, wondering if her son should have orthotics. What do you think?

Pros for orthotics:

  • will make calcaneii more vertical
  • will make feet look better
  • will decrease progression angle while walking
  • will halt most of the midfoot pronation you see on the single leg standing views
  • will make left calcaneal valgus better that we see on the post view

Cons for orthotics:

  • may interfere with derotation of the talar head, causing a permanent forefoot varus deformity or Mortons foot (need to more about development? click here)
  • will make the child use their intrinsic muscles less, weakening the feet, causing problems later on in life
  • will inhibit descent of 1st ray, and peroneus longus function (if you don’t use it, you lose it. More on peroneus here)
  • will alter gait and affect motor development

What did we do?

  • have the mother have the child walk barefoot more, especially in the sand
  • have the child hop on one leg and do tandem gait walking
  • have the child balance on one leg at a time
  • place the child in flexible shoes
  • recheck the child in 6 months to assess progress

Does this mean kids should NEVER be in orthotics? No, certainly not, but we fell this is neither the time or the place. A lot of development (and learning) occurs in the 1stf five 5 years of life. How about we let nature do its thing, try and stay out of the way of normal development and monitor?

The choice is yours

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