The Saucony Progrid Mirage

Well it has been about a year now and we have seen enough of our Track athletes, Mid distance, Cross Country, Marathon and IronMan athletes (by the way, congrats to our Tom K for a fantastic 8 place IN THE WORLD finish at the China Ironman this month. Guys like you make docs like us look really good !)……back to the post….. we have had enough athletes over the year in many different shoes.  Months ago we were speaking somewhat favorably of the Saucony Kinvara, another 4mm rise minimalist shoe. Our only beef with it was that the black outsole burns out real fast and it shortens the life of the shoe. They really need to extend the black harder rubber outsole to the edges of the EVA foam on the sole.  Turn a pair over, you will see what we mean.

So, we are now favoring another shoe in this category by this company. We have seen enough to feel that it is a nice alternative, and one you will barely notice the difference.  But  you should get a bit more life out of the shoe and it does have a small medial arch built into the midsole EVA which should help with some medial collapse if foot strike is not pristine from time to time.

Remember, minimalist shoes are not for everyone. You must have, or earn, a competent foot structure to earn the right to wear them. Walking, not such a big deal, for that we are a fan of this shoe. But for running, if you pronate beyond what is safe, this is not the animal for you.

happy shoe hunting…….. Shawn and Ivo

the gait guys