Cheating the Ankle Rocker: a review post of Anothony Bourdain.

Today seems like the perfect day to link you to this old blog post because it parlays beautifully with yesterdays video and blog article.

Once again, we present “The Chef: Anthony Bourdain, Cheating the ankle rocker”. We hope he won’t get upset we snipped this little clip from his old show No Reservations. He is a smart reasonable guy, we think that if he knew he was helping others that he would say “go for it”.

Here is a rewind of our blog post:

PS: we follow Bourdain on Twitter……one prolific guy and great TV shows too. Did you see his recent show (on CNN) on the Congo? We are huge fans of The Chef ! One guy we would someday definitely love to meet and share a beer with. Even if he has some impaired gait mechanics. But hey, who doesn’t !?

The Gait Guys