The Gait Guys indirect link to Sidney Crosby of the NHL and his head trauma.

So, how did the Gait Guys get so smart ? Both Dr. Allen and Dr. Ivo studied in the field of chiropractic neurology. Dr. Ivo had the wonderful opportunity to study directly under Dr. Carrick for several years. Dr.Carrick is the leader in the field of functional neurology. Dr Ivo studied under the best out there. Dr. Ivo is a diplomate of the chiropractic neurology board, one of the most challenging diplomates to attain.

Most recently Dr. Carrick was asked to evaluate and treat Sidney Crosby arguably the best player in the NHL.  EVeryone was failing on helping Sidney, until Dr. Carrick was begged to come into the picture to help. 

Here is an awesome press conference with Dr. Carrick’s talk starting at 7:40 into the press conference. Enjoy

The Gait Guys, ……. Ivo and Shawn……. not your average doctors.