Email from a reader: Chronic IT Band and Plantar Fasciitis

I have been reviewing your Youtube videos and blog posts over the last few weeks, I am a triathlete suffering from plantar fasciitis and ITB issues, and I’m not really close to a major center where I can get treatment so I’m self educating. I’m very interested in the videos you have about function of the foot, and how the toes relate to the arch, fascinating! You mention exercises for the feet, to help the muscles function and learn to work separately. I was wondering if you have any of these exercises posted online, I am not able to hold the arch position or use my toes separately, I think these movements would go a long way to helping me figure why I’m having issues with the PF. Great job on all the info, I love being able to access info like you guys have online, makes me want to learn more… thanks!!
Becky H
AB, Canada
Dear Becky:
Sorry to hear about your chronic issues.  Make sure you evaluate your glutes. The pelvis must remain relatively quiet and not tip forward or backward (anterior or posterior tilt) during all forms of ambulation. When it tips more forward the glutes become challenged and can become inhibited. When inhibited internal rotation of the hip minimizes or is lost and the ITBand tightens to attempt to drive that internal rotation. It is a good internal rotator as is the anterior g. medius and coccygeal division of the glute maximus (hence the glute connection).  This will put stain on the patellofemoral joint and may cause tracking issues or lateral knee regional pain (or ELPS….. excessive lateral patellar pressure syndrome).  Additionally, when the foot tries to pronate more to drive more internal limb rotation (because it is obviously not happening at the hip in this scenario) the plantar fascia can become strained because of the pronation lengthening of the longitudinal arch of the foot.
Regarding the foot exercises……. they are coming….. we just need time. We would pay for more time, but we cannot seem to find it on amazon or ebay.  If anyone is selling, we will line up to buy !
thanks for your email question.
Keep the emails coming. Those of you who have emailed us recently or in the past, we  have received them and they are being answered in length in the podcasts we are about to launch. They are coming, you will love them.  It just comes down to editing time.  There is that “time” word again !