"Action Expresses Priorities"- Gandhi

“Action expresses priorities.” -Mahatma Gandhi
So much truth to this statement.  It pertains to gait analysis perfectly.  
For years now you have heard us say, “What you see is NOT what is wrong with someones gait, rather you see their COMPENSATION STRATEGY around what IS wrong." 
The body is always strategizing to negotiate around pain, instability (functional or anatomic) or immobility.  What you see in gait are those strategies. You may not see their immobility for example, you see how they move when increasing mobility in one or multiple areas to cope with immobility in another. 
*Translation= The gait action strategy you see expresses the body’s compensation priority to make gait possible around the underlying problems that are preventing the clean, optimal and primary gait motor pattern from surfacing.
Thanks to Gray Cook for unearthing this Gandhi quote on his twitter.