Dual tasking, Pokemon, and Cross walks.

Someone has to save the Pokemon Go users. The Gait Guys to the rescue !
With the help of these pavement tiles by design firm Büro North, they created a street tile that alerts phone users when they’re approaching danger. Smart Tactile Paving, a concept that would alert walkers — much like a street light — when they’re nearing traffic with the standard red, yellow, green system (see the article link below for this product and idea).
Someone has figured out how to stop you from texting into the street at a cross walk while you and your kids scoop up Squirtles and other nonsense. Oy Vey. 
You are looking down while on your smart phone and some inventor knew they had to do something to save the world from the Pokemon Go death mark population control device. 
Dual tasking is difficult especially when one task is cognitive and the other is spacial and motor. At some point something has to give, especially if you are on the edge of tapping out the executive function centers in the brain.
Recently in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics, Parr and associated took 30 young able bodied healthy individuals with experience texting on cellular phones. The study used an 11-camera optical motion capture system on a 8m obstacle-free floor.

The study showed a reduction in gait velocity in addition to significant changes in spatial and temporal parameters, notably, step width, while the double support phase of the gait cycle increased. Furthermore, and equally disturbing, toe clearance decreased but luckily step length and cadence decreased.

There is much more to say about this today on the blog. It is Rewind Friday, come get reacquainted with the problems your kids will have playing pokemon go.