Look at his guys right leg, the lower leg and foot.

Look at his guys right leg, the lower leg and foot.

This photo was part of an insert in an old Altra shoe box when we got our shoes.


Is that internal tibial torsion, a fixed bony issue that is causing what appears to be the intoe? Or is it a drop of the right hemipelvis into anterior tilt, to try to get more hip extension, which often leads to full leg internal rotation from the hip ? Is it from a weak left hip complex, particularly the abductor players? Remember, internal hip rotation and hip extension can be paired events. Internal hip rotation is a precursor event, in gait, to hip extension. But this is beyond the normal hip extension-internal limb rotation pairing.

There is no way to know except to examine him.
Coaching this out is a mistake until you know what it is.
Prescribing a corrective exercise to attempt to correct it is also a huge mistake without examining the person hands on, and determining whether this is a fixed bony issue, or a functional pattern of choice/power/biomechanics.
It could also be a compensation to another issue, such as I eluded to in a possible weak right lower abdominal interval, allowing the pelvis to tip too far forward.
We have to understand anatomy, biomechanics, compensations and we have to examine our clients.
If a coach tries to train this out, because they do not like the way it looks, it is foolish. Just plain foolish. And if a coach notes this, but does nothing about it, and merely adds training and strength to the "potential" dysfunction, do not be surprised if injury arises. It might not, but adding strength, load and training onto faulty mechanics can have a consequence. There will be those who say, " if it is not a problem, don't fix it". Our response is, sure, that might work, and then again it might not work. Just take responsibility and honest self inventory if that athlete might injure. And learn from it. We are all students.
Do not add strength to dysfunction.

How do you know ? In this case, one has to get educated on osseous torsions and versions, anatomy, biomechanics, to start. Listen, read, learn. We do these things all the time, every day here on The Gait Guys.

Shawn Allen, one of the gait guys

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