Your big toe is impairing your limb rotation.

Hallux limitus and impaired limb rotation.
No rocket science here, but always good to remember the mechanical principles.
If you cannot get over the medial foot tripod cleanly, for whatever reason, be it loss of 1st MPJ ROM (hallux limitus) or because of pain or forefoot typing issues, or you will be impairing normal rotation of the entire limb. In the above cases, remaining perhaps in more relative external limb rotation, impacting gluteal function. But, going too fast and too far over the medial foot tripod without controlled loading through that region can be just as detrimental, too much internal spin. Stuff we pound sand on all the time.

J Am Podiatr Med Assoc. 2011 Nov-Dec;101(6):467-74.

Hallux limitus and its relationship with the internal rotational pattern of the lower limb.

Lafuente G1, Munuera PV, Dominguez G, Reina M, Lafuente B.