Intelligent design.

“I have a bone to pick with God. If He designed the human body, why did he route the male urethra directly through the middle of the prostate gland, thus causing incredible problems for men as they advance in years.” Anon

“Unintelligent or incompetent design.” That is how Cornell evolutionary biologist Paul Sherman refers to the architecture of the human body. If an “intelligent designer” engineered the human body, he points out, air and food would not travel through the same pipes, making us vulnerable to choking.

After teaching seminars on Darwinian medicine (Neurobiology and Behavior 420 this semester) for more than a decade, Sherman, professor of neurobiology and behavior and a Weiss Presidential Fellow, has developed such insights into the workings of the human body and why things are the way they are. They are quite counter, he says, to the idea of intelligent design – the controversial idea that some things in nature are too complex to be explained by natural selection and, therefore, must be the work of a deity – an intelligent designer.

“As soon as you begin to look at our bodies from an evolutionary perspective you see more and more we are not intelligently designed,” said Sherman. For example, he pointed out that no engineer would design our throats with a windpipe that crosses the tube where food passes. “If you were going to design this to eliminate choking you’d probably put your mouth in your forehead or your nasal opening in your throat. It [the human body] is as one would expect from random mutations of previously existing structures and selection over eons.”
This new approach questions which symptoms the body has acquired because they are useful adaptations and which truly are pathologies………… The Darwinian medicine approach “takes every symptom and asks whether it is pathological or the body’s adaptive response,” said Sherman. The approach questions, for example, if a common cough is serving to rid the body of infection or if it is instead a mechanism by which the disease spreads itself.

Our bodies break down a lot. If we were designed more intelligently, presumably we wouldn’t have osteoporosis or broken hips when we get old. Some evolutionists suppose that the process through which people evolved from four-legged creatures to two, has had negative orthopedic consequences.
We are flawed cardiovascularly. Horses carry much more oxygen in their blood, and have a storage system for red blood cells in their spleens, a natural system of blood doping. Humans don’t. Also, while a lot of aerobics can make our hearts bigger, our lungs are unique. They don’t adapt to training. They’re fixed. We’re stuck with them, and can only envy the antelopes.
All of our pelvises slope forward for convenient knuckle-dragging, like all the other great apes. And the only reason you stand erect is because of this incredible sharp bend at the base of your spine, which is either evolution’s way of modifying something or else it’s just a design that would flunk a first-year engineering student. 
Look at the teeth in your mouth. Basically, most of us have too many teeth for the size of our mouth. Well, is this evolution flattening a mammalian muzzle and jamming it into a face or is it a design that couldn’t count accurately above 20? 
Look at the bones in your face. They’re the same as the other mammals’ but they’re just squashed and contorted by jamming the jaw into a face with your brain expanding over it, so the potential drainage system in there is so convoluted that no plumber would admit to having done it! 

Well, for one thing I would put fewer teeth in our mouths. I would put fewer bones in our face, so that it could drain properly. I would straighten up the pelvis so we wouldn’t have to have that bend. I would certainly take out the appendix so we don’t have that problem and the tonsils, too. 
And I did have one other. Some guy from Texas listed a number of things with this and he said, “Actually I would write more, but I have to go pee in Morse code, because some idiot designed my aging prostate."        … about the wonderful design of the eye—which somehow has all your receptor cells behind a membrane curtain! 
I mean, evolutionarily all of these things make sense but in terms of a reasonable, intelligent design? They’re idiocy.”

This is not the work of The Gait Guys……we cannot even find the source where we obtained this…… it is something we found floating in our archives. “Thinking outside the box” kinda stuff…… stuff we really appreciate. We will be looking for the original work so we can give credit and read more of their stuff. Go ahead and see if you can find more stuff on their work.  It reminds us of a few books we read a few years or so ago…… “The Scars of Evolution” by Elaine Morgan and “The Naked Ape” by Desmond Morris.  They bring to mind similar thoughts as to how, why, and if man had the right to move from quadripedal to bipedal. (if you believe in evolution that is … and if you do not, then you are either a fan of God creation events …  and if you believe in that theory then we will ask you to consider watching our favorite History Channel show “Ancient Aliens”.  That will surely shake up things a little for ya !  Just having fun with ya’ll.  As we respectfully say, ‘To Each His Own.’.

Shawn and Ivo