OK, something different this Friday.

We admit computer models can only approximate human gait, and here is a perfect example. Watch the video a time or 2 and come back and read on….

Really….Did you watch it? Maybe you really should…

What do we see?

  • A prime example of heel rocker but what is missing? How about midfoot pronation, a requisite for normal gait and one of the 4 shock absorbing mechanisms (pronation, ankle dorsiflexion, knee flexion and hip flexion)
  • dip of the opposite hip with initial contact and loading response. looks like the computer model had built in gluteus medius weakness!
  • what about that lack of anterior and posterior rock of the ilia?
  • they do show g max activation (posterior view) during propulsion…nice!
  • where are the abs initiating hip flexion?
  • how about that forward head posture?
  • we think there should be exaggerated torso rotation (contralateral to the side of strike) with no arms

So what does this prove?

This is a great attempt at simulating human gait, but gait being so complex and ….well….human, it is difficult to approximate with a computer modeling program.

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