The IFGEC is the International Foot and Gait Education Council.  We are a group of members who are dedicated to advancing gait eduction internationally.  The Council is made up of a group of respected members who have been chosen for their knowledge and education base and their contributions to the gait, running, research, shoe wear and therapy world. 

The IFGEC was created by Dr. Ivo Waerlop and Dr. Shawn Allen,  "The Gait Guys".  The IFGEC evolved from a necessity to construct a platform, and hopefully a voice, from which a new and evolving group of international experts in various related and unrelated fields could collaborate and develop a program(s) to help educate doctors, therapists, coaches, trainers, instructors and end users of products that would raise the level of dialogue and understanding of gait (walking and running), foot wear and their related products and research.  

We eventually plan to include on this site a council of members. We are always talking with new people in many fields all over the world and so this council will likely grow, cycle and evolve. The key is to ensure open ended dialogue amongst the council to ensure that our individual shortcomings that sometimes result from professional compartmentalization in our fields does not corrupt the greater truth and honesty that has become necessary in this day and age where the internet breathes so many truths and myths leaving the truth-seeking end user wondering where the two divide.  This can be perfectly summarized by a brilliant quote by Professor Steven Hawking:

β€œThe greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

No matter what your area of specialty, whether it be runner, walker, athlete, researcher, therapist, instructor, teacher, professor, coach, trainer or the like, we welcome you on this journey and into our brethren.