Podcast 40: Trips, Falls and NFL Shoe Injuries

Today we talk about trip and fall incidence, the NFL shoe injury epidemic and so much more ! Join us today on The Gait Guys podcast !

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* Today’s show notes:

1. Foramen magnum position in erect ambulation
1b: Scientists Identify Protein Linking Exercise to Brain Health

2.  More on Cannabinoids
5.  NFL shoes and injuries
6. From a Blog reader:
Hi guys,
I have been having major leg issues sine my ACL reconstruction  … .
Our DISCLAIMER !, hear it on the podcast. We are NOT your doctor !
7.  From a Blog reader:
Hello, I’m a 19 year old runner trying to get rid of my crossover gait … 
8. Another one from a blog reader
Hi, I have a question about externally rotated hip. When i bring my knee up to my chest, my leg turns outward … 
9.  Blog
Im really confused with GaitGguys, I follow but this time mixed messages. Recent video showed was varus/lateral boarder push off gait, girl in tennis shoes … 
Hi, my name is Paige. I have been working in a sports medicine outpatient clinic for about 2 months now. I love your podcast and recommend it to as many clinicians as possible. I watched your youtube videos on the shuffle gait and have been implementing them into a patient’s home program. They are working great and the patient loves them as well! Just wanted to let you know! I love the videos and hope to take your shoe fit program at some point! You are geniuses and excellent instructors. I’ve learned so much already that we just don’t get enough of in school!
Thanks so much!