Scars of evolution

So this week has been much about the glutes. We stepped back earlier today into the evolution of bipedalism and some theories around glutes and what might have pushed us upright from 4 limbs onto two. And now as the grand karma of the internet has been listening in ....... we find this:

Lucy remains one of the most famous discoveries in paleontology. ""Her death, on the other hand, has been a mystery. Now, after poring over the celebrated bones, a team of scientists has concluded that Lucy died most unceremoniously: from a long fall out of a tree. If they are right, the discovery could yield an important clue to how our ancestors evolved from tree-dwelling apes into bipeds that walked the African savanna."

Listen to our 13 minute Podcast "shorts":Evolution of Upright Bipedal Gait & Glute Development released today. It is interesting stuff. Link: 


A 3.2-Million-Year-Old Mystery: Did Lucy Fall From a Tree?

-By Carl Zimmer