Extensor Hallucis Brevis Case Treatment

EHB CASE treatment: For this particular case we used simple stuff. In more complex cases we will add Western Acupuncture methods as well. But in this case we used the simplest of methods ……. a blend of MAT, AMIT, followed by graded iso’s every 15degrees over and over again in multiple vectors integrating larger and further reaching muscle groups. For example, first simple hallux extension at the interphalangeal joint, then combine that with foot dorsiflexion, then combine those 2 with ankle inversion (so all 3 now), then added hip abduction and then lateral trunk flexion (abs, paraspinals, QL etc) to those. This took care of ramping up the local motor pattern and the longer more complex chain motor patterns that were primary in that particular injury (ie. almost pure frontal plane failure in this case, from what showed up weak on the neuromuscular assessment). Just reteaching the brain how to reintegrate that EHB back onto the field with the rest of the team. It came back fast and complete. No need to use a jackhammer when a simple mallet was sufficient this time around. hope that helps.