And then there is # 245....

Look at the position of his knee with respect to his foot. Both are pointing outward into external rotation. They are in the same plane so a torsion is unlikely, but he is probably trying to gain some stability as his center of gravity moves across his body.

Now look at his pelvis and see how it is tilted (or dropped) down on the left. We would definitely want to check his right gluteus medius and his left quadratus lumborum.

And what about that arm swing? Is he creating more space on the left (ie abducting his left arm) from his body lean to the right? More than likely, this is to make up for his hip muscle problem. we say this because his head tilt is to the left. Remember that your body will always try to make your visual fields parallel with the ground, so as his body goes to the right, his head will go to the left. There must be a great deal of body rotation going on, as his entire jersey has moved to his right!