The Once and Future way to run. NewYorkTimes

excerpt from the article……….

“Martyn Shorten, the former director of the Nike Sports Research Lab who now conducts tests on shoes up for review in Runner’s World, followed him (Cucuzzella) to the microphone. “A physician talking about biomechanics — I guess I should talk about how to perform an appendectomy,” Shorten said. He then challenged Cucuzzella’s belief that cushioned shoes do more harm than good.


As Steve Jobs might say to this………. "yes, there are bozos amongst us”

We know Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. We talk with him often over long conference calls. Dr Ivo was on the discussion panel with him at the Newton Running Retail Conference this year. We are becoming pretty good friends.  We feel quite comfortable in saying that Mark has every right to talk about biomechanics, he has earned our respect.

The mind is like a parachute…It works best when open….

Shawn & Ivo, we are…….The Gait Guys  (and hoping that we are someday challenged by guys like Shorten…we like bozos : ) ).