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Here is a list of what we currently have available on DVD:

Item Name:

The Performance Core

Item #:

Performance I




• The Neuro Core: Abdominal neurological connection and control

• Purpose of the DVD in Core Training

• The Problems with Crunches and Sit Ups

• Bracing and Hollowing:

• Breathing and the Core

• Exercise: Bicycles- Right and Wrong

• Problems with Leg Lifts

• Exercise: The Non-Tripod Core Exercise for Oblique Activation

• Core Progression Order: …. Pathologic motor pattern compensations

• Exercise: Tripod with a Ball

• Exercise: the Abdominal “Chairs”

• Exercise: “Chairs” progressions continued…….. getting harder !

• Exercise: The Glute and Core Combine

• Exercise: The Hip Extension Pattern- Assessment and Progression

• Exercise: Hip Extension progressions continued…….getting harder

• Exercise: Bridges and Planks. The Right and Wrong and progressions

•  Exercise: Motor Pattern Setting……The Sit to Stand Core


Item Name:

The Performance Squat

Item #:

Performance III



The Performance Squat – First phase development exercises and concepts

DVD Running time: 46 minutes

• The Reason for the Squat: Problems

• Where the Squat Begins: The Foot Tripod Concept

• The 3 Rockers of Movement in Gait and the Squat

• How the Foot Works: The Basics of what you need to know right now

• Another Look at the Foot: Foot types and Shoe Types

• The Foot and Pelvis Position: Its Impact on Movements and Squats

• Video Case Study of a Sprinter: Issues of Foot and Limb Positions

• A Brief (Very Brief) Discussion on Shoes and their issues with the Squat

• Exercise: The Texas Walk- A skill for early squat preparation and performance

• Exercise: The Potty Squat- The proper motor sequence

• Exercise: The Ball Squat- With Breathing concepts intertwined (critical neuro training)

• Exercise: The Hip Hike

• Exercise: Iso (Isometric) Drops Done Right (“Box Drops and Depth Drops”)

•  Video Case Study: Drop Assessment frame-by-frame stop motion analysis


Item Name:

The Performance Theories

Item #:

Performance II




  The Performance concepts: Dialogues on Training Concepts

DVD running time: 65 mintues


• What is the definition of the core and what does it entail ?

• Physiologic overflow of muscles with respect to joint motion

• Isotonic Exercise concepts

• Physiologic characteristics of muscle types

• Strength Training: Neural Adaptation

• Motor Pattern Muscle Compensation Concepts

• Exercise Prescription Concepts

• Hip Extension Motor Pattern: A discussion on compensations

• Neurologic Reciprocal Inhibition: Principles of joint movement and stability

• The Concept of Tight and Short Muscles: They are different

• Stretching: Good or Bad


Item Name:

Performance Series: Advanced Core

Item #:

Performance Series: Advanced Core




This DVD will take viewers into the next step of the Core. Doctor Allen and Doctor Waerlop will cover the always favorite exercise the sit-up. They will show the many ways athletes misuse the exercise and show a perfect sit-up. They will also demonstrate and explain other exercise to take athletes to the next level with their core development, including proper technique for lat pulls


Item Name:

Performance Series. Advanced Squat

Item #:

Advanced squat




This DVD will take viewers into the next step of the squat: the traditional squat. Doctor Allen and Doctor Waerlop will cover the perfect technique needed to develop the glutes instead of the quads in “the king of all exercises”. They will also cover fixing some errors as well as the lunge. Every body part from the foot to head placement will be covered.


Item Name:

Power block- Glute development

Item #:

Power block- Glute development




This DVD was filmed in Chris Korfist’s garage on a nice Sunday afternoon. Dr. Allen and Chris were developing a better way to do the glute power block and they decided to film their discussion. They discuss proper technique on many exercises which serve the purpose of developing explosive glutes and making sure the foot and glute are connected. Now your glute power can be more than “all show and no go.


Performance Core Trio: $99

Advanced Series Trio: $99

All 6 DVD’s: $179.95


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