A Blood flow restriction lesson from a yo-yo champ.

This is the finger of a professional yo-yo'ist. Extreme blood flow restriction damage.
We don't have a problem with the blood flow restriction training and therapy that is all the rage these days (*caveat: see below), though we don't hold a lot of value in it, we suppose things have their place. 
Our point today with this photo, just keep in mind what the heck you are doing to the stuff you cannot see. We continue to search for research that might come out in time showing arterial damage or possible clot formation in folks who over do Blood Flow restriction stuff too long, too tight, too often. Stuff is getting compressed and we wonder if arterial wall damage might be something we see down the road ??? Who knows, just thoughts. We are not trying to be alarmists by any means, it is just the kinda stuff we think about.
Sure, this is an angiogram of the permanently ruined veins in the finger from years of string soft tissue restriction, certainly an extreme case ! We just thought it was interesting and reminds us all that we need to keep in mind what our therapies are doing to the tissues beneath and what the activities of our clients can do over a long period of time. We don't have any pro-yo-yo folks in our office, maybe you do, and if so, educate