Crawling and EMG

With all the talk last week on the blog about the glutes and their functions, especially INTERNAL ROTATION along with crawling, we thought this FREE FULL TEXT article was germane

The following conclusions are drawn from the current study:
1. The highest gait velocity in confined space is achieved with stoopwalking, followed by four-point and two-point crawling. 2. Wearing kneepads did not influence thigh muscle EMG or knee
kinematics during stoopwalking or crawling; however, wearing kneepads in two-point crawling decreased cadence and increased stride length.
3. Compared to upright walking, EMG activity of the thigh muscles during stance in stoopwalking is more prolonged.
4. A variety of interlimb coordination patterns were observed in four-point crawling, including trot-like, pace-like, and no-limb pairing contact patterns.
5. Two-point crawling was unique among the techniques in that the hamstrings exhibited greater activity than the vasti muscles.