Saturday quickie:

Hmmm…. Rearfoot Valgus 
(Make sure to hover mouse over each image to examine more closely)

When the rearfoot is everted with respect to the fore foot. (wondering what this means? maybe you need to view our upcoming video course on foot types!)

Cardinal signs and pathomechanics
  • Everted (heel is collapsed inward as in the pics above)
  • midfoot/arch collapse: insufficient foot tripod
  • due to midfoot collapse, the foot is in excessive pronation and is poor lever for toe off and propulsion
  • Excessive internal rotation of the limb during gait cycle
 Should you give up on fixing this? NO!
Should you put them in orthotics? Maybe
Should you sterilize them so they can’t reproduce? Definitely not!
Is there help for this? Of course! 
What would you do?  Think about that this weekend and tune in next week for some  treatment ideas. 
See you on the blog next week
Have a great Saturday.
Ivo and Shawn