The Gait Guys Podcast #9: The Essex Swagger & The City Walkers

Podcast #9 is Live !

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People walk differently all around the world. We talked about this in our  blog piece “Essex Swagger” and you can find that here at  
Did you know that you can predict how much crime is in a city from how people walk ? How many libraries in a city from how you walk ? A cities economy ? Income, wages, number of patents, restaurants, number of colleges ? 
So, when we heard this episode at Radiolab we had to call them up and ask if we could play for you a part of their piece “Cities”.  Give this a listen and enjoy the beauty of this great episode of Radiolab.  Thanks to Jennifer and Nadia, Jad and Richard at Radiolab for giving us permission to play this piece for you !  Enjoy !
“Cities” on RADIOLAB. You can find it at  . Click on PODCASTS and look for “Cities” from Season 8 in their Archives section to enjoy the entire excellent podcast.
2- Email from a Reader: I’m a 2nd year graduate Physiotherapist in New Zealand who has a great amount of interest in lower limb bio-mechanics. I have done some advanced clinical pilates training but I am struggling to find any good learning resources or courses in this country on biomechanics. I’ve seen all your youtube videos and I am aware you have a few DVD’s out.

I’m looking for a good base level DVD that cover foot types, strategies and adaptations, ankle rocker and a few case studies. Would you be able to point me toward one or two of yours as ive found your videos very helpful and I’m keen to learn much more from the gait guys.
Cheers, Sam
(as well as the doc from the UK who had the same question)

We are not your doctors so anything you hear here should not be taken as medical advice. For that you need to visit YOUR doctors and ask them the questions. We have not examined you, we do not know you, we know very little about your medical status. So, do not hold us responsible for taking our advice when we have just told you not to !  Again, we are NOT your doctors !

4- Morton’s toe: the chicken or the egg ? 

5-  Mail from an International Follower of our Blog
Hi Gait Guys, My problems are in both knees (valgum) and also neck and spine (i have neck surgery of herniated disc), my whole structure body is really flexible, hypermobility, with really high arches i grew up with really tight shoes, but my arch goes down and up, deppending surface or shoe or orthotics, i know they told me my problem comes from my feet, but i haven´t found the correct orthotic devices or shoes to wear, and be suppinating, i have my bones x-rays and magnetic ressonance of both knees…

I dream to  run again or play soccer. i am sending you some videos and pictures about my feet, they are really flexible and were grown in very tight shoes, so now every shoe and orthotic or combination of both give me really different postures, sometimes my knees get fixed but not my spine, and sometimes the other way. But i haven´t found the correct combination, my knees became operated because the outside cartilage of femur was smashed (grade 4 in left), on right knee less but the same, because knees in X form (valgum), also my neck has a surgery with fusion of two vertebras, often with pain in neck and also in arms. Whatever you tell me, i will fix how to do it, i want to try everything before giving up, because is not life for me at the age of 34.

Eduardo, Guadalajara
what does it say about shoe companies, and us for that matter when shoe reps start calling us to ask us questions about their companies product !!!!!

Hi Guys,  I’ve been watching your videos and attempting to correct issues with
my gait.  Thanks to your videos and blog, I’ve learned that the
cross-over gait is horribly wrong and inefficient and I’ve been
working to correct that.

My email to you today is about muscle tightness.  I watched this video
but would like more information on how to correct my tightness.  Like
the example in the video, my hamstrings are tight.  So are my calves.
 As a result, I can not touch my toes, and I’m experiencing top of
foot pain on my left foot that seems to be related to tightness in my
calves.   I had an xray and MRI that show no signs of stress fracture
or other cause for concern in my foot.  When I take extra time to
stretch my calves (by dropping my heels off a step) or by rolling them
with The Stick, the symptoms subside.   If I go a few days without
doing these stretches/rolls, then it comes back.
Is this a sign of weakness on the complementary muscles?  Or do I
really need to work on stretching these muscles 20-30 minutes at a
time? Thanks for your help, - Craig


Hi guys,  Greetings from Malaysia. I’m a second year Chiropractic student and watched some of your video clips..they are very informative. Do you have plans to run workshops in this side of the world perhaps (Aust/NZ/UK)?
By the way, have you met any Rolfers? I am a bit confused as they claim to do gait analysis and be able to spot areas of tension, etc.
 Thank you for your time.
 Kind regards, Ben

Mountain Chang…….Primal Professional, barefoot dress shoe.

How’s it going guys? Metal toe taps and heel caps just came on my radar as an accessory used to extend to life of fancy dress shoe soles. What’s your opinion on and/or experience with these? Thanks in advance!
- Mountain