Deep brain stimulation and movement.

We talk much about movement patterns and movement problems here and on our blog. In recent years there has been much research on stimulating the subthalamic nucleus with deep brain stimulation (STN-DBS) to alter freezing of gait (FOG) in patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease. We will likely see more and more research, and likely therapeutic options in time, on deep brain stimulation (DBS). The future looks bright. If you want to get into the deeper stuff, search Pubmed for DBS.
From the article:
“There are more than 100 nervous system disorders that afflict millions of people across the globe. Many of the disorders affect a person’s movement and alter their motor controls. This includes balance, gait, speed of movement, tremors, jerks and abnormal postures. Deep brain stimulation or DBS has successfully treated these symptoms and allowed many sufferers to reclaim their lives.”
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