Podcast 125: The spinal discs in Running and Sport

What happens to your discs when you run? Risk or no risk ? Can disc herniations resorb ? Also, some new research on ankle sprains and cross spinal cord reflex responses, compensation pattern, brain transplants and more !  Plus a rant on why we insist on 2 weeks non-weight bearing after ankle sprains. 

Key tag words:
running, gait, injuries, discs, spine, herniateddisc, transplants, ankle sprains

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Show Notes:

Brain transplants
Cryogenically frozen brains will be 'woken up' and transplanted in donor bodies within three years, claims surgeon


Running and spinal discs

Pain Physician. 2017 Jan-Feb;20(1):E45-E52.

Incidence of Spontaneous Resorption of Lumbar Disc Herniation: A Meta-Analysis.

Zhong M1, Liu JT2, Jiang H2, Mo W3, Yu PF2, Li XC2, Xue RR3.

long list of references here:

People like their NSAIDS, but do they know the risk ?

Windswept bimechanics

Foam rolling
"Arterial blood flow of the lateral thigh increased significantly after foam rolling exercises compared with baseline"




Ankle proprio