Hips, joint resurfacing and stem cells.

Things are moving fast in the research world. We need to keep up with our readings even though it seems like trying to drink from a firehose at times. These things will likely be upon us in a mere blink.

"scientists have programmed stem cells to grow new cartilage on a 3-D template shaped like the ball of a hip joint. What's more, using gene therapy, they have activated the new cartilage to release anti-inflammatory molecules to fend off a return of arthritis."

We have always encouraged our clients that joint replacements are the choices at the end of the road when it comes to options.

We must maintain mobility and stability and clean function and always drive the client status first into good quality of motion over power and speed. Without the proper assessment of function we can get these things backward because of skilled compensation patterns. It is highly suspect that many injuries occur because of increased strength, load, speed, power etc being born atop corrupt movement pattern foundations. After all, humans are great compensators. It is suspect that these mistakes are what lead young clients down expedited joint "wear and tear" paths, sometimes leading to joint replacements at a sub 60 year age if not sooner. This kind of research as described here in this article could be the life saver those folks are looking for. However, this should never take the place of abiding by the guidelines discussed above. There are principle rules, but as in life, many of us forget that they do not apply to us because we are "an exception".


Scientists develop new way to resurface arthritic hip joint