Nose picking and your running form problems.

Nose picking and running form

I use an example, with the appropriate clients, that humidifying one's home in the dry winter to try and break a nose picking behavior that was borne of resultant dry mucous linings doesn't necessarily mean one will break the 3 month habit of nose picking.
Furthermore, just because you decide to humidify the house doesn't mean your brain is going to halt the nose picking that has become a subconscious habit. Similarly, consciously asking someone to turn in their externally rotated foot (increased foot progression angle) or turn in the entire limb during gait, which might have been the result of frontal plane weakness of the ankle from an ankle sprain, isn't going to fix a problem that has now become an adaptive compensatory behavior at the hip. One has to get to the root of the problem, the unaddressed ankle sprain and neurologic behavioral adaptive patterns, at both the ankle and the hip. Plus, it just might get you to stop picking your beak, although, some sources now say that a good digested booger might be good for your immune system (probably a piece written by a happy confident picker).
- a Monday morning Dr. Allen rant