A little beach forensics, anyone?

As far as we know, there is only one shoe that makes a print like this one. You guessed it, a Newton (great going guys! You are all the way out here on the east coast!). We are pretty sure it is an MV2, because it has 5 actuator lugs. (Danny, Ian, Jordan, please feel free to chime in!)

Look at the top left and right images; left is running, right appears to be walking or a midfoot strike). What do you see? One foot imprint (the left) is accentuated and they are a forefoot striker. We are pretty sure this is how Newton encourages folks to run and if you have ever been in the shoe, you know it is pretty rockered and pushes you on to your toes.

Now look at the images that compare left to right. Notice how the outside of the forefoot makes a deeper impression on the left? Looks like that lateral column is sinking in the sand more. What type of forefoot type may cause this? You guessed it, a forefoot varus!. The forefoot is striking (and coming off the ground) in more supination on the left than the right.

Anything else? what about that right foot in the top right image? More printing on the medial aspect. Hmmm, maybe some increased forefoot pronation or possibly some forefoot valgus.

You could argue that due to the slop on the beach, we may be seeing this…and that would be a good argument, except that these are on the flats and repeat for many cycles.

Yup, we probably should be looking at all stuff north of the feet on the beach, but hey, we ARE geeks and “feet” are our thing.

The Gait Guys. Yes, we are always watching!…Even at the beach!

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