Pod 43. Achilles problems, Neurology of watching sports, PEDS, hip joint centration.

Pod 43. Achilles problems, Neurology of watching sports, PEDS, hip joint centration, risks of swaddling babies and so much more. Join us today for this great podcast !

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* Today’s show notes:

Neuroscience pieces:
1. Brief Exposure to Performance-Enhancing Drugs May Be Permanently ‘Remembered’ by Muscles
 Brief exposure to anabolic steroids may have long lasting, possibly permanent, performance-enhancing effects, shows  … .

2- Watching is like doing http://www.theglobeandmail.com/technology/science/go-neurons-go-science-explains-why-it-hurts-to-be-a-leafs-fan-sports-diehards-are-wired-that-way/article15214848/

This summer, Australian researchers at the University of Western Sydney published a study in which volunteers lounged comfortably in reclining chairs and watched a bland video of someone walking and running. The faster the person on the screen ran, the higher the pulse and breathing rates of the spectators rose, along with  … .

3. Economy and rate of carbohydrate oxidation during running with rearfoot and forefoot strike patterns.
4. Radiolab.org    
5. Neuromuscular strategies for lumbopelvic control during frontal and sagittal plane movement challenges differ between people with and without low back pain.
6. Achilles: How Much Energy Does Your Achilles Tendon Store? Stiffer tendons help you run more efficiently, but it’s not clear how.
7. Ivo: blog post on toe extensors, the neuromechanics behind it
8. From onlineCE.com, last weeks course
9. Hip centration principles……. principles of accessory motions
from a blog reader
11 Q: can metatarsalgia be caused by ITband tighness ?
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15. Blog reader:
Guys I feel a little ridiculous asking this ? considering the amount of time I’ve spent reading your info but here goes: I understand the concept of the foot tripod and it’s importance for stabilization and balance when static or during single leg with eg squats, but when should the tripod be utilized during the normal gait cycle?
16 .From a blog reader:
Hello Gentlemen, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction in terms of addressing a Tailor’s bunion on the 5th met. Thank you!!