Learning and being humbled.

There is a quote out there by someone that suggests that in the moments of talking and teaching one will learn nothing, for one is merely spouting off the limits of what one already knows, some of which is likely outdated or incorrect. One cannot teach that which one has not previously heard, experienced and mastered.
*Learning is about listening, and evaluating our prior beliefs against the current wisdom. It is about unlearning the false and relearning the latest truths that have come to light. Learning is not about talking.

Dear Gait brethren: Ivo and I do not have all the answers, but we seek and share what we know daily in this realm of The Gait Guys. Through challenging old and current theories, principles and research, one’s insight and wisdom can only grow. We will get things wrong, and we will admit when we do, and thank those who teach us the present truths. We have no single guru we follow, nor should you. No one person or method has all the answers to all of your client’s woes. The day you only trust one guru and one theory and the day you stop seeking, learning, unlearning, and being humbled to the mistakes one has made and been taught, is the day one begins a journey to being left behind and possibly insignificant in time. Thanks to all of you who correct us, teach us, humble us and trust us. It has been a great year here on TGG, thanks for hanging out with us ! 
“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” ~Alvin Toffler.
Enjoy the funny cartoon, it is sort of related to the words above. It is a huge comment on communication, communication in relationships and possibly stuff that gets communicated in seminars. Things get lost in translation everyday, sadly. But perhaps that is a good thing, perhaps that is why theories and principles morph into greater wisdom. Not all change is bad.