Podcast #140: Running, hallux amputation, building deeper gait concepts.


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Topics and links:

The tendinopathic Achilles tendon does not remain iso-volumetric upon repeated loading: insights from 3D ultrasound. Nuri L, et al. J Exp Biol. 2017.


Good tip to decrease loading and help decrease injury risk in runners: See study by Chan et al.:

Vapourfly shoe

Men’s marathon:

fun facts:

Foot strike patterns of the World Championships Marathon:
Women’s race:
73% rearfoot, 24% midfoot, 3% forefoot
Men’s race:
67% rearfoot, 30% midfoot, 3% forefoot

Foot structure and stiffness is critical

Tendons can change
Progressive calf strength training led to increased achilles stiffness @ 4 weeks & increased tendon cross sectional area @ 8 weeks

Bursae can thicken painlessly as a normal adaption to activity... just like skin calluses!

Between 63-72% of participants were wearing incorrectly sized footwear. review of the literature here from @LTPodiatry team:

How Neuroscientists Explain the Mind-Clearing Magic of Running -- from the Science of Us