It is Friday Follies on The Gait Guys and we have something a little different for you. Not something gait related but more movement related. Enjoy the short video.

Guillaume Blanchet spent 382 days riding his bike through the streets of Montreal living what appears to be a normal everyday life on his bike. He dedicates the short film to his father, Yves Blanchet where he first got his love for riding a bike.

Man spends 382 days living his life while on a bike

By: Nate Hoppes

Everyday something original and entertaining pops up on the internet and today is no exception as a 3 minute short film titled “THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE” is captivating peoples attention.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the film-
Original= Absolutely
Creative= Definitely
Quality= Well done
Odd= Very, especially when he’s shaving naked while riding a bike.
Entertaining= Well worth watching the whole 3 minutes