What’s your Foot Type? : Part 2

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Rearfoot valgus.

Remember the foot tripod? It consists of the the 3 points: the base of the 1st metatarsal (under the sesamoids), the base of the 5th metatarsal, and the calcaneus. In this foot type the rear leg of the tripod is compromised as the rear foot collapses medially (the heel or calcaneus,  everts or moves laterally) causing subsequent collapse of the arch and midfoot.

This foot type causes an excessive internal rotation strain on the lower kinetic chain, often with collapse of the knees inward (genu valgum or “knock knees”). Due to the midfoot collapse, the deep calf muscles are typically overused and strained leading to medial ankle region tendonopathies, as they attempt to slow the rate of pronation and arch collapse.

This foot type has a difficult time going from pronation to supination to prepare for a rigid foot push off in the propulsive phase. Because the lower limb is internally rotated so much, the external rotators are over burdened leading to fatigue and weakness of the glutes and shortening of the TFL, leading to the chronic IT Band syndromes. Low back pain is common because of forward tip of the pelvis.

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