The "Bad Guys" are watching your gait, too.

It is cold coffee and stale donut Thursday here on The Gait Guys, poorly palatable stuff, but stuff we need to eat anyways.  This is gait related. Read on.

"The cues used by prisoners were: gait, body posture (body movements not related to gait), age, gender, attractiveness, build, clothing, attention, fitness, environment (e.g., lack of lighting), and whether target was alone."

Yes, "Bad Guys" are looking at your gait.

"Bad guys" are relentless and patient, opportunistic and flexible — and they pay attention, to us. And so, what does this mean to us ? And to our gait, how we move about our communities ?

It is in the MSM everyday, so we might as well pay attention to it. It is happening all around us, all the time. Opportunists. You should up your awareness game when you are out an about. We are not talking about becoming paranoid, but we should all be more aware. And, this article proves it.  

Are you a soft target ? "Bad Guys" like easy soft targets. So, read this and don't be a softie.  

"In a classic study conducted by a prison psychologist where dozens of convicted felons were interviewed, the psychologist played videos or presented several snapshots of random crowds of people in shopping malls, subway stations, and busy city streets and asked each of the inmates to point out for him the softest target in the pictures–that is the individual that they would most likely attack if given the opportunity. All responses were recorded. The study concluded that nearly every inmate selected the same people in each segment for similar reasons—these reasons form the baseline definition of Soft Target Indicators."
"Examples that help describe a Soft Target Indicator come from snippets of those recorded study responses, and include “looks sheepish,” “eyes were looking down,” ”obviously lost,” “an easy mark,” “looks out of place,” “not paying attention,” “distracted,”  and the most common—“unaware of their surroundings.”

These are all gait related. We have talked about dual tasking and many other gait and locomotion distractors that can make us vulnerable to falling and stepping off of cliffs and into ponds at the local mall. But now we should all be aware that there are other people watching our gait for reasons other than capturing the next viral video for YouTube. They are opportunists. 

The top vulnerable cues for these opportunists were: 

- Walk/gait – walking with confidence versus walking like a soft target. 

- Gender – females appear as softer targets than males. 

- Body type – In good physical shape versus heavy set or slow - - - - Apparent Fitness level – 

- Attention to surroundings versus Not paying attention; Appears to be cautious versus appears to be clueless.

So, our advice, especially if you are in a new environment or travelling?  Plan ahead, so you can pay attention. Keep your head up and look around, walk with confidence and be observant. If your head is down in your phone and you are dual tasking, this articles suggests that the "Bad Guys" are looking for you.