More on Gait Forensics. Soon to be in airports ? not yet

Trust us, this will be something we will see in time.  This brief newsflash talked about foot plantar pressure representations, but as Ivo and I know…… there is so much more to the overall gait patterning. We know, we look at it everyday.

According to the brief article, “Researchers at the University of Liverpool analyzed more than 100,000 pressure points people’s feet create when they walk and came up with about 70 patterns said to be unique to any one individual, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The researchers said the findings could add another type of "biometric” identification in addition to retinal scanning and fingerprints at airports and in other security settings.“

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Gait Forensics labs……. you might want to look at our body of work…… we kinda know what we are doing. 

Shawn and Ivo, quite possibly, future experts in Gait Forensics.