The 200 yard rule for running.

We wrote an article called The Naked Foot a few years back, it is on our Facebook page, and it discussed all of the critical components of gait and running from a neuromechanical perspective, many of which were eluded to here in this article “the 200 yard rule” found on the natural running center website by Steven Sashen.

We agree with this article. It is about building minimalist running in small doses, 200 yards…, recouperate, repeat. But doing it mindfully and with awareness. Practice “100 upps” (see our post here on Nov 7th) and be aware of your posture form, and how your foot is striking the ground. If you feel you are overpronating, shorten your steps, do some “Shuffle walks” to up the tolerance and skill of the anterior compartment of the lower leg…..and then repeat the challenge.

Skill, endurance, strength, remember? It doesn’t take 2-3 years to get to barefoot. You just have to use the most important muscle  you have, your brain !

Well done gang. Love the work on the site Mark ( ! Thumbs up !

Shawn and Ivo….. the Gait Guys