Got hip extension?

Because she sure could use some...

we have see this gal before… yesterday in fact

  • left plantar plate lesion (yes, conformed on ultrasound)

  • left sided anatomical leg length discrepany

  • bilateral internal tibial torsion

  • incompetent L quadratus lumborum

  • adequate hip extension and ankle dorsiflexion available to her

  • lack of endurance in her abs

yep, lots more, but that is enough for now

note that she has plenty of ankle dorsiflexion, more on the right. this is due to her right leg being anatomically longer and has to travel through a greater range of motion

look at the knee and the hip articulations to assess hip extension. It should match ankle dorsiflexion, no?

Dr Ivo Waerlop, one of The Gait Guys

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