The buck DOES NOT stop here...

The buck doesn't stop here..

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One of the most pervasive problems following a ankle arthrodesis, particularly a triple arthrodesis which involves fusing the subtalar (talocalcaneal), calcaneocuboid , and talonavicular joints results in a loss of ankle rocker. The "buck" needs to be passed somewhere and this usually will mean proximally in the lower kinetic chain.

Seeing adjacent joints with osteoarthritic changes following hypomobility have another joint is nothing new; you probably see it all the time in practice. Remember that it is not always have to be a "fusion". Simple longstanding pathomechanics or longstanding hypomobility will often cause the same problems.

A nice, full text referenced review 1 of her favorite journals. Some nice side discussions as well. Enjoy : )

"Altered biomechanics after ankle arthro­desis often increase stress on the adjacent joints in the foot, which can cause or exacerbate osteoarthritic degeneration in those joints. Clinicians and researchers are working to better understand this process and how to minimize patients’ risk."…/adjacent-joint-arthritis-after-ank…
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