More on the Z-angle

More on the "Z-angle". Why your hip and ankle have to talk to each other.

We have been saying this kind of stuff for years, but in this video perhaps Gray Cook says it in a way that will resonate well with some when we can be a bit too wordy at times, Gray is always eloquent and well spoken. We often discuss this ankle and glute relationship he mentions in a topic we refer to as "the Z- angle". And, we discuss the greater global ramifications of unresolved ankle sprains. Search our blog for these terms and topics.
It is rare that our in-office therapy and our corrective home work for a client does not address both the ankle and hip simultaneously. We know this tight relationship exists, and so should you.
In many of our podcasts and blog posts we pound sand on the fact that just because you have ankle mobility on the exam table does not mean you will have it available in some movement patterns or in some of your sport movements. And, ankle functional impairments are key players in multiple injuries and impaired movement patterns. We like the "software vs hardware" terminology he uses, we will be borrowing that verbiage in the future, it is a nice way to tighten up a dialogue without getting wordy. Great job as always Gray !