Arm swing and hip ranges.

Most folks think they know a sufficient amount about arm swing, but the truth speaks otherwise for many. Many know heaps about upper quarter biomechanics and how to assess and evaluate the joints of the upper quarter but they have no clue what to look for when it comes to the client using the limb in locomotion. What really happens during the complex arm motions during gait and various forms of locomotion in runners and throwing sports ?
"For the first time, we provide evidence that the spinal interneuronal networks linking the forelimbs and hind limbs are amenable to a rehabilitation training paradigm. Identification of this phenomenon provides a strong rationale for proceeding toward preclinical studies for determining whether training paradigms involving upper arm training in concert with lower extremity training can enhance locomotor recovery after neurological damage.” -Shah et at, Brain 2013 Nov

"Our results demonstrate that altered hip rotational range of motion, measured clinically, has a direct effect on the amount of external rotation torque and horizontal adduction range of motion of the shoulder during the throwing motion." -Laundner et al, (article below)

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The relationship between clinically measured hip rotational motion and shoulder biomechanics during the pitching motion

Kevin Laudner, Regan Wong, Takashi Onuki, Robert Lynall, Keith Meister