Hip control, the glutes and centration.

Here at GG we have many mantras. One we have been sharing for 10 years or more is
"when the foot is on the ground, the glutes had better be in charge, and when the foot is in the air, the abdominals better be in charge".
We discuss at length with our athletes, and even non-athletes, that if you do not have sufficient control of the hip-pelvis interface (enough skilled stability of the hip into the pelvis, and of the pelvis onto the hip) and as well, sufficient control of the pelvis-spine interface, problems and injuries are a near forgone conclusion.

Here is another article to substantiate this concept, this one from a preventative perspective. Nothing new or earth shaking for most of you here, but always a good reminder, for newbies and the grey haired alike here at the GG brethren.

"Muscle activity of the core unit during explosive running appeared to be associated with hamstring injury occurrence in male soccer players. Higher amounts of gluteal and trunk muscle activity during the airborne phases of sprinting were associated with a lower risk of hamstring injuries during follow-up. Hence, the present results provide a basis for improved, evidence-based rehabilitation and prevention, particularly focusing on increasing neuromuscular control of the gluteal and trunk muscles during sport-specific activities (eg, sprint drills, agility drills)."

Proximal Neuromuscular Control Protects Against Hamstring Injuries in Male Soccer Players: A Prospective Study With Electromyography Time-Series Analysis During Maximal Sprinting.

Schuermans J, et al. Am J Sports Med. 2017.